the hebrides-a geography of time

the hebrides – a geography of time

published 2011 (2nd edition)
ISBN 978-0-9562184-4-5

“Be warned. This is not a particularly cheerful story. It is the 25th Century – the Hebridean islands have been empty of people now for hundreds of years. What happened was desperate – the islanders were traumatised at the bleak turn of events. Others seem strangely satisfied. The dust has now settled and a Government Ministry has sent an investigator to do what ministries do best – to write an official report – an inventory – a dossier, to determine a future for the empty islands.
But this is not that report – this instead is the investigator’s diary – his scrapbook of notes and photographs, poems and stories – old and new – portraits without people.”

Donnie Mackay’s unique work of fiction. photography, verse and poetry, is both a celebration of the islands, and a vivid, slightly surreal evocation of the debate between developers and conservationists in influencing the future direction of land management in remote communities.

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